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Why You Should Be Using Professional Photography

1. Professional photos are a great first impression

Buyers respond to photos. Every online retailer knows this concept. The ones that provide dynamic, detailed photos that are clear gain the customer's trust and therefore a greater reputation. Real estate is now bought and sold online — buyers go right to the web to check out homes, striking ones that don’t look good as they go and thereby eliminating a sale. This is your first place as an agent to make a great impression about the home and about your abilities. 

2. Sell faster with professional photography

Redfin study conducted in 2013, professional photos boost the speed at which a home sells. The study found that homes professionally photographed with high-performance Photography equipment sold quicker and for thousands of dollars, more than homes shot with amateur photos. As online searching and browsing are a critical part of the home-buying process, it makes sense that professional photos will entice people to visit the home as they know what they are getting before they even set foot in the home.

3. Professional quality and knowledge

With the way technology has improved in the last decade you may feel that a ‘phone quality’ photo is good enough for your listings. It’s true that phones can take amazing photos — but the operator still needs to be a competent photographer to get the best image. Knowledge of appropriate angles, composition, editing, along with professional DSLR cameras, a variety of lenses, and the experience of photographing thousands of homes help set us apart from the competition. On top of this is our proprietary editing process allowing for the whites to be whiter and the colors to be truer to than our leading competitor. 

4. Social media content

We know that today’s buyers are highly engaged in social media and incredibly visual. Social websites are a great way to promote to, target, cross-sell, funnel, and connect your audiences with your listings. Professional photography presents you with a tool that can be leveraged far beyond your multiple listing service. With a few clicks of a mouse, these photos can be seen and shared by hundreds of people in your professional and personal network for FREE and then targeted to their friends for pennies on the dollar. But only if you have the images!

5. Save time

A professional photographer saves you time and money. While you’re doing what you do best and what is most profitable — showing another home, closing with a client, or creating new listings — a professional photographer can arrive, photograph, edit, and deliver photos for your listings. You don’t even have to be on-site! Just coordinate with us so we can enter the home with lock-box information, photograph the house using best practices in real estate photography, and deliver listing ready images for you to download. 



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JT Creative is a full service professional real estate photography and Video company serving Raleigh, Cary, Wake County, Durham County, and surrounding areas. We provide high-quality photography, aerial photography and videos, and 3D walkthrough tours for your residential or commercial listing. 

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